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Carlynton Cheerleaders
Relay for Life



Relay for Life Information

Begins at 9:00AM on Saturday June 28

Ends at 9:00 AM on Sunday June 29


You need to arrive on time or tell me if you need other arrangements.  Also once you are there if you leave your parents need to know that I am not responsible for you.  As long as you are at the field we will have fun and be walking.


You know you will need good shoes to walk in sunscreen and they are having a Crazy Hat  award.  There is a wild pajama-rama contest also.  A scavenger hunt, swimming ($2.00) and water relay races, a duct tape fashion show, a male beauty talent show, cardboard box car races, wiffleball tournament, bedsheet ballon tosses, and a whole lot more.


So come prepared with sleeping bags, change of clothes, swim wear, bug spray, flash light, walking shoes, etc.

Here is a list of supplies that you need to bring with you.  We will be serving waffles after midnight mass and we will be doing tattoos to raise money for cancer research.



Relay for Life



What to Bring

Barger, Emily



Plastic Utencils, knives, forks, spoons (200) each

Bombich, Marc



Paper Plates & Napkins (500)

Butts, Jillian



Tent and table and MOM

Butts, Jocelyn



Waffle Iron and extensions, table cloths

Carter, Deseia



Pretzels, Potato Chips, Snacks enough for all squad

Dodd, Ashley



1 Case Water, 1 Case Pop & Cooler

Flynn , Anastasia



Cups Plastic (200) and Candy for squad

Green, Julie



2 Gallons Orange Juice,

Mellon, Ashley



Cooler and Ice

Muth, Genie



Fruit for squad & 1 Large Coffee Creamer

Sapsara, Jaylynn



Tent & Table

Schlott, Lindsay



10 lb coffee & Sugar & Syrup

Sebrosky, Leigh



Squirt Butter for Waffles (2) & powdered sugar

Sherba, Heather



500 Styrofoam Cups & Syrup for waffles

Smith, Becca



Paper towels, Cookies, Q-tips

Sorco, Ali



Cooler & Ice & tent

Spotti, Brooke



1 case water and Bread and Peanut butter   

Spotti, Candice



1 case pop and Jelly

Sudiak, Janel



Cooler & Ice & Syrup for Waffles


Still Needed Decorations for Survivor Theme (Tape, Posters, moneybox, balloons)

CD Player, Music Some Chairs to sit on.




 "Relay For Life" Information 2003 Theme is "Survivor"


 1.  Relay begins Saturday, June 28 at 9AM and continues through Sunday, June 29 at 9AM, CHS track/field.  There is a cancer survivor lap around the track to kick off the relay at 9AM sharp.  All set-ups on the field must be completed by 8:45 AM.   No vehicles will be permitted on the track or field.   You may come to the track on Saturday anytime after 7:30 AM, Mrs. Lear and Mrs. Butts will be there.  When you arrive at the site you will get your Relay shirt if you have completed a registration form.  If you have not completed a form, you may do so on Saturday and retrieve a shirt at that time ($5). T YOU MUST BE AT OUR SITE BY 8:30 AM.


 2.  Our team is called C or CHS Varsity Cheerleaders and we are on site #2.  When you arrive at the track look for Mrs. Lear, Mrs. Butts or Mrs. Ryan who will have a map of the field and will direct you to our site.  We are on a pie-shaped site near the stage for our activities during the day.  Our tents will be pitched on the corresponding site #2 which is directly down the center of the field behind our pie-shaped site.  You may decorate your campsite with any theme.


 3. Some specific Relay rules:  

-No open fires or flames or candles or tiki torches are permitted at the campsite.  A flame in a    totally enclosed case is permitted.   So, bring a flashlight!!!            

        - No smoking or alcoholic beverages on school property.

        - No pets permitted.

        - Only team members who have registered are permitted to sleep in our tents.

        - Only team members who have registered for the Relay are permitted to swim in the pool.  A one-time, all-day charge of $2 is required to swim which permits you to swim as often as you like during pool hours:  12 noon to midnight.  All CHS pool rules apply.  

        - Every team/campsite will have a BFI can for trash disposal.  It is mandatory each team maintains a clean campsite.  Each team is required to donate 15 minutes during the Relay and walk the grounds, parking lots, track to pool area and pick up litter.  Please see Mrs. Veri (Crafton teacher) and choose our 15 minute clean-up period.

        - There will be a fire truck/hose providing a cool spray for those who walk the track during the "sun" hours.  The water spray will arch over the track near the tennis courts.

        - There will be a catholic midnight mass on the softball field.  This mass will satisfy all catholic Sunday mass obligations.  You may invite everyone and anyone to attend the mass.   After mass we will be selling waffles, coffee and orange juice.  Another team will be selling omelets, so we need to push the waffles!!!

        - There will be an ecumenical service at sunrise on Sunday AM, exact time to be determined on Friday evening.  All are encouraged to attend.  Last year only Mrs. Lear and Mrs. Butts attended while others were tearing down their campsites.  This year no team is permitted to tear down until 8:00 AM.  The final lap is 9:00 AM when Relay profit and team totals are announced.

        - During Relay if you have spare time, see Mrs. Veri and volunteer to help fill luminaria bags for the 9:00 PM luminaria celebration.  This is truly beautiful. 

        - At the time of the luminaria celebration, a bagpiper will lead the lap while the names in honor and memory are announced.  At this time all "fun" activities should cease at each campsite and devote all attention to the luminaria celebration.

        - As soon as you arrive at the site on Sat AM, you may sign up your team for a wiffleball and volleyball tournament.  Only the first 8 teams to sign up can participate.

        -There will be a team spirit award issued to the team with the most spirit on Sat AM

        -There will be several activities for teams to participate during the Relay.  Mrs. Michale Herrmann is co-coordinating these activities.  They include cardboard Box-Car races, bed sheet/balloon toss, water race relay, scavenger hunt, limbo contest, wild pajama-rama contest, male beauty/talent contest, crazy hat contest.  Mrs. Ryan has the details for each of these activities.

        - There will be prizes/trophies for the campsite with the best/most original theme and the team spirit award.

        - There will be drive-in style movies in the evening.

        - Bring "Yard Guard" or some type of bug spray for the mosquito crowd!!!

        - Bring all necessary sleep gear

        - Any questions---call Mrs. Butts @412-279-2206



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