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It shall be the purpose of the Carlynton Junior Senior High School Cheerleading Squads to promote and uphold team spirit, to develop good sportsmanship by example, to support good relations in the community and between teams.

A tryout will consist of performing designated skills in front of qualified judges.
The format of the tryouts will be decided by the coaches, and will be held in a fair and open manner conducive to allowing each candidate to show his/her best abilities and potential.  Teacher recommendations may be a part of the tryout procedure.


1)    A cheerleader candidate must maintain a 2.0 GPA each quarter in order to participate in cheerleading.  Weekly eligibility requires that athletes must be passing in five classes during the previous week to be eligible to cheer.  Appropriate conduct in the classroom is expected.

2)    A candidate must be neatly presented, medically fit, and have parental permission.

3)   A physical must be on file with the coaching staff and athletic director.


1)    Cheerleaders will attend all practices, camp, competitions or events unless pre-approved by the coaching staff. Last Practice before a game or pep rally must be attended to participate in the pep rally or game.

2)    Absenteeism:  3 unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the squad. You must be excused by the coach.

3)   Tardies(without preapproval):  9 tardies = dismissal from the squad, 3 tardies = 1 unexcused absence.  A tardy will be marked against you if you do not have approval to go to another sport from the coach.  (Tardy meaning leaving early or arriving late)


1)    Squad members will attend all required games and practices and will not be excused except for illness, participation in another school activity (with coaches permission and by awarding equal time) or family reasons.  It is the responsibility of the cheerleader or parent to notify the coaching staff prior to missing any activity.  Coaches have the right to determine whether the absence is excused.  Work is not an excuse for missing practices, games or performances.

2)    Prior to camp, practices will be held 2-4 times per week. 

3)   Practices in the summer after camp will resume the first part of August.

4)   In order to prevent injuries, conditioning is an extremely important part of cheerleading.  Conditioning outside of practice time will be required.

5)   Any taping or special needs required from a trainer must be done prior to the start of each practice or performance.

6)   School policy states that a student must sign in by 9:30 or stay until 12:30 and attend five class periods in order to perform unless a doctors note is received.


7)   School policy states that a student must sign in by 9:30 or stay until 12:30 and attend five class periods in order to practice unless a doctors note is brought to school.


1)    The school district pays for the official school uniforms and poms.  Uniforms will be assigned to each squad member.  Maintenance of the uniforms (cleaning and altering) is the responsibility of the cheerleader.

2)    Uniforms will only be worn for events as designated by the coaching staff or captain. 

3)    Uniforms are not to be loaned to nonmembers for any reason.

4)    Any part of the uniform that is lost are damaged must be replaced by the cheerleader.

5)    Cheerleaders in uniform or wearing any item of squad or team identification must always conduct themselves in a manner becoming to a CHS Cheerleader.

6)    Tennis shoes and appropriate attire must be worn to every practice.


1)    National Federation Spirit rules state for safety reasons jewelry or watches will not be worn at practices or performances.

2)    National Federation Spirit rules state for safety reasons that all hairstyles must be neat and secured out of the face and off of the shoulder and should not need attention while performing.  Ribbons or scrunchies are to be worn over ponytail holders.  No hard barrettes are allowed.

3)    National Federation Spirit rules state for safety reasons that nails should be kept at sports length.

4)   Cheerleaders should look their best when in uniform. Hair and make-up must be neat when wearing a uniform or participating in any squad-related event.


1)    Squad members are required to maintain and uphold the reputation of the Carlynton Cheerleaders through their own conduct and squad spirit.  All actions will reflect on the squad.  As a role model for younger children and other students, your actions must be impeccable.

2)    Members are required to be courteous, polite, friendly, and respectful to everyone.

3)    All cheers and chants shall be of a positive and sportsmanlike manner.

4)   Members will make every attempt to ignore or dissuade negative responses at events and not become involved in such action themselves.

5)    The Carlynton High School Drug and Alcohol Policy will be upheld.

6)    Drinking or smoking in uniform or on school property or at any school-sponsored event will result in immediate dismissal from the squad.

7)    There is to be no public display of affection while in uniform.

8)   There is to be no gossiping about fellow squad members or coaches.


1)    Benching:  Failure to adhere to any rules and expectations may result in an immediate benching.  If a squad member is benched, the member is still required to attend practices and games.

2)    Suspensions:  A cheerleader may be suspended from games/practices because of non-compliance of the rules.

2 benching = 1 suspension           2 suspensions = removal from the squad

3)    Dismissal:  A cheerleader may be dismissed from the squad for the following reasons:

-excessive and irreconcilable disruptive influence on the squad

-conduct and/or attitude that is likely to bring the squad or team reputation into disrepute (such as use of alcohol or drugs)

-being ineligible for three or more weeks

-two suspensions

-3 unexcused absences

-9 tardies




1)    Several Fundraisers will be held during the cheerleading season.  Funds earned will be allocated to each girl based upon the individual's participation and will be used to help defray parental costs.

2) Group fundraisers will be held during the course of the year.  Such as Post-Gazette paper fundraisers, candystand fundraisers, Sams club cookouts, car wash, etc.  All cheerleaders are expected to participate in these unless specifically excused by the coach.  Lack of participation will result in the cheerleader needing financial support from their specific account or parent to defray cost of items being purchased with funds raised.  Proceeds go directly into the general cheerleading account

3)   Cheer clinics for grade schoolers will be held 1-2 times per year.  Participation from each cheerleader is required.  Proceeds will go into the  general cheerleading account.




Camp....................................... $210.00

Camp Clothes / Practice Attire........................................$100.00

Ribbons, Scrunchies, Hair Attire....... $15.00


White Body Suit............................ $25.00

Kick Pants.................................... $20.00

Sweats Sweats ............................ $35.00


         Leggings........................................ $30.00


The school will provide transportation to and from away games.  Squad members will ride with the approved sponsor.  Riding home with parents will be allowed only if the coach/sponsor receives a written note handed to them personally by a parent.  Riding with siblings will be allowed with prior written permission from a parent.